A Soul-Purpose Expression

Soulful Living is the Soul Purpose expression of my Authentic Self & Power. And I want YOU to experience what I have learned. I started my career in the healing arts at a young age. At seven-years-old I remember telling my parents that conventional medicine only treats the symptoms of disease, while holistic medicine treats the cause. I didn’t learn this from a book or school or other voices, it came from deep within my Soul—a celestial intuition that is innate in all of us.

Soon after that awakening, I was fortunate to experience a few mystical ‘happenings’ (miracles), which cemented the existence and beauty of the Divine in my heart and mind. Since then, my life has been influenced and guided by my connection to my Creator. This inspired me to gain formal education and training in a life-long pursuit of the knowledge of both ancient and modern healing modalities, such as meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, working with Chakras, Meridian Lines and Creator Energy, tapping (EFT) and so many more.

This pursuit has evolved into a deeper understanding of using my intuition and connection to the Divine for ‘past-life’ work, such as Akashic Record consultations, clearing deep Soul-level and emotional blocks and having the ability to ‘read’ the emotional and spiritual information stored in our DNA, that allows us to change our physical being. In combination, I use these techniques to bring Subconscious beliefs to the Conscious mind in order to release and heal programming that holds people back from their inner Power.

I have been a student and a teacher of the healing arts over the past 20 years, and have discovered that my fascination, gift and purpose lies in the hundreds of people that I have worked on as a healer — being able to discover what they are truly made up of in their DNA, then guide and coach them to manifest their Soul purpose. I do this through personal healing sessions - both online and offline, speaking engagements & workshops. I empower & inspire individuals how to use their gifts to understand what it feels like to experience their fullest Power.

mobile: + 254 722 514049 | email: soulfulliving88@gmail.com