Reflections of a Modern Day Goddess

Understanding Surrender
November 9, 2017
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Reflections of a Modern Day Goddess


Many of you have probably experienced that feeling of utter emptiness when you know you should have said something and you didn’t.  You let that bully walk away with your heart, your dignity, your voice. Keeping the peace in relationships means we sell ourselves short – I’m talking about the prostitute archetype that rears its ugly head and makes us feel unworthy, resentful, rejected; and more importantly, un-loved.

In my own experience, I have people in my life that have blackmailed me into staying silent. If I didn’t keep quiet, they would harm people I love. And out of love for those that I don’t want to see hurt, I have been complicit in this. I have had to accept that it is okay for my loved ones to be treated less than what they deserve because they are afraid of being cut off by the blackmailer. This is especially difficult when family is involved. But you can see who is losing out in the end.

All my life, I’ve been accused of ‘fighting’ with everyone. I’ve been told that I should have become a lawyer because I’m so good at fighting. In fact, it’s the thing that I’m best at, according to some. (I just want to say here that I will never stop fighting for the underdog no matter who accuses me of what). The truth is, I can’t stand it when people around me are okay with being walked on…with being told that they should just accept their lot in life…with being treated like crap because they are related to bullies who get their way…or for being male, or having lots of money or huge egos or simply being assholes.  

Getting over stuff like this before it turns to cancerous resentment, requires some level of personal work. The energetic consequences of having unhealthy boundaries are devastating.  Unless you have been trained to sense energy, you won’t know what you are doing to yourself until it shows up as ‘dis-ease’: physical, mental, emotional. And that is sometimes too late.

This is not about shutting down and being a victim because we haven’t kept healthy boundaries for ourselves. We have the choice, today, to make a healthy change towards our future well-being, and especially for the well-being of our children. The first step is to recognise the need for change.  The next steps will involve reprogramming your Victim, Martyr, Sacrificial Lamb Mentality and Wake Up Your Power.  The time is now. Our subconscious has been designed to protect us from our deepest fears and only when we can access this part of us and expose our Shadow, can we step into our Light. And eventually it becomes part of a daily practice.  It becomes a part of who you are.

I would like you to contemplate a few key questions that set you on a path for solving the issues that hold you back from creating healthy boundaries: Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? When will we finally stand up for who we really want to be? How many times have we “sold” or given our Power to others?

Should you want to seek answers to these nagging questions and step into your true power, I would be honoured to walk with you on your journey. For deeper chats, shoot me an email Peace.


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