Rejection has no place in the new human story of Ascension

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March 7, 2018
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May 15, 2018
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Rejection has no place in the new human story of Ascension

The story of “Rejection” is as old as Adam & Eve.  Genesis 3:6 describes how Eve ate the forbidden fruit and led Adam astray by giving it to him as well. Not only did they disobey God but they were forced to leave the Garden of Eden and be rejected by God.

I’m not a Christian and I believe in evolution so why is this relevant to modern day, you may ask?  Basically, this illustrates that from [our perspective of] the beginning of time, we disobeyed God and we are sinners who deserve to be punished. One common form of punishment is to be rejected by the people that we love the most or whom we want to impress the most.  By rejecting us, they are able to exert their (false sense of) power because all we want is their approval, their love, their attention. Consider the old adage of wanting something even more when you can’t have it.

Sometimes, this is not the fault of ‘the rejector’ as they are simply behaving in a way that they know, learnt or had to become, because they had also been rejected somewhere along the line in their own life.  Do you see how this continues from generation to generation? This pattern of rejection in humans is so deep and I have seen the effect of this in most of my clients, which means that they have carried this limiting belief for most, if not all, of their lives. Recently, I have uncovered a pattern of “I better reject myself first so that I don’t have to go through the shame of someone else doing it to me.” (It fascinates me as to how these clients don’t even know each other but still have exactly the same issues). In daily life, this shows up as us holding ourselves back from that dream job, dream relationship and most importantly, our personal Power. The effects of rejection, I sense, are coming up to the surface for all of us so that we can release this and erase it from the collective consciousness.  Rejection has no place in the new human story of Ascension.

Take relationships for example – most of us have been through heartbreak, either we have broken someone’s heart or they have broken ours. Or somewhere along the line, the trust is broken. This is rejection – of the Self and the other. We do not allow ourselves to be seen in our authenticity and be truly intimate with others because we have been taught to be ashamed of some part of ourselves, therefore how can we accept ourselves for who we are or ever be good enough, let alone love ourselves? So as we go from partner to partner, we carry the same old baggage inside us until we release it from our DNA. Especially the mistrust.

The same narrative continues: we suffer some kind of rejection (mostly at a young age eg being bullied at school or told that we are bad at some subject) which causes shame and therefore mistrust of other people, especially those whom we need to trust to feel safe and secure.  As we get older, we think we are hiding the rejection and mistrust by keeping it as deep inside us as possible but what we don’t realise is that we attract people into our lives who will reject us (because our narrative is that we are not worthy, and this programming is still in our subconscious).

Many of our subconscious beliefs around money, abundance and success have this rejection at the core of it – “I am not worthy of making a lot of money because my parents told me that I would always be a failure”; “Making money requires too much energy and people think I am lazy”; “I am a creative, visual person and so I will never make a lot of money because I am not a lawyer, doctor, accountant”; the list goes on.  If we don’t feel safe, secure and supported in who we are, we will not be able to attract abundance. Think root chakra here.

I am only just understanding the incredibly devastating effects of the energy of rejection.  Sure, it may give us the perfect excuse to hold ourselves back and if that’s what you want, then by all means go crazy! For those who are done with excuses to stay small and are ready to embrace their authenticity and power – bring it on! I will guide you to become the best of You and we will release all this stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. Hit me up – or +254 722 514049


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