NOVEMBER 14 2020

9AM – 12.30PM

This half-day workshop is designed to help you realign, recharge, reclaim your power. As we come to the end of this transformational year, we have experienced a deep change in our energetic & emotional systems and it is vital to understand how this change has affected us.

Since most of what we hold as limiting beliefs in our subconscious comes to the surface during times of trauma and uncertainty, by understanding how our energy works within the greater universal systems, we empower ourselves by becoming aware of what holds us back so we can change it.

This workshop will include chakra system energy clearing & rebalancing; prompt writing (so bring your journals); 2021 intention setting; meditation; group energy healing; an invocation to the Divine Feminine, a powerful system reboot and of course an awesome crew of like-souled seekers!

The workshop will take place outdoors (weather permitting). Please book your spot early as we will observe social distancing and therefore spaces are limited. Confirmations by mpesa of 5000/- to 0722 514049.

Book your spot today 🙏🏽💥🙏🏽