Frequently Asked Questions


Becoming familiar with what you need when you begin to explore a deeper and unknown side of you can be daunting.  You have endless questions and the more questions you ask, the more confused you get.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world today has become much more vocal about personal development, life coaching, coaching in general.  Why do you think this is?

Welcome to my FAQ page where I answer your “why” questions:


Healing or raising our vibration has become a requirement of being able to navigate through daily life with joy, freedom, abundance and peace.  One of my basic reasons to heal is because I’m done with carrying baggage – emotional, mental, spiritual, physical even.  Loading myself up with other people’s stuff (judgements, criticisms, negativity, toxic energy) is not good for me if I want to attain freedom, abundance, fun etc.  We have to break out of all of the old paradigms and belief systems that we have been brought up with through religion, outdated education systems, parents who didn’t know any better ie old-fashioned.


As a practitioner of several modalities that I have learnt over the past 20 years, I combine this experience and knowledge into healing sessions that can be done in person or online.  You must sign up for at least 3 sessions minimum.  Having worked on hundreds of people throughout the 20 years that I have been doing this work, I have determined that 3 sessions is imperative for you to feel a shift in your Being.


I began my training by understanding how energy works and moves in our body through our chakra system and I became a Reiki Master.  From this experience, I realised that I need to work much deeper in the human DNA if I wanted to effect permanent change in people and I then became a Theta Healing practitioner and teacher.  I was drawn and guided to be able to access people’s Akashic Records and this is really where the Power of the combination of these techniques lies. I use both of these modalities to release and reprogram old belief systems that don’t serve you anymore (that are programmed into your DNA), which then also changes in your Akashic Records, allowing for a permanent change in your Soul’s journey.


The Akashic Records are the database/library of everything that ever exists in the fifth dimensional level. It contains everything in the past, present, and future. Think of it like the internet – when you search for information, you need to be specific, otherwise you don’t clearly get the information you want. Every person has their own personal records and this information (when accessed right) can be used to make better decisions in your life based on what you need at the time. You can add to it and erase information only when given permission to do so.


We are all Souls that have been travelling through this human experience.  Each Soul has it’s entire journey recorded in the Akashic Records and each Soul comes in with specific things that it has agreed to learn in this lifetime.  By accessing the records, you can determine exactly what this is and when you are clear about your Soul Purpose, everything else will make sense and fall into place.  You won’t feel like you are going from one relationship to another or one job/career to another – you will know that you are here with a Unique Purpose that only YOU can fulfill – this is called your Dharma.  Ultimately, this is what will lead you to Freedom and the knowing that everything you do, feel, think is exactly what you are here for.  THAT is Powerful! Of course, we are also given FREE WILL which means that we don’t have to do any of this and in the end we will be right back here going through the same thing again.


The final lesson is really one of SELF LOVE. All paths will ensure that whatever experience you choose to have while you are on the Earth, the result will be to LOVE and KNOW yourself better.  It is only through this that you can eradicate any FEAR you might have  – fear of others, fear of yourself.

We have forgotten that the Heart is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the mind and by making the connection to your Heart part of your daily routine, you will see and experience parts of yourself that you never even knew existed.

It is MY commitment to my Soul’s Path and my SERVICE to my Creator that has helped me discover some incredible abilities that I have.  And with these abilities I have given over my Free Will to Divine Will where I wish to truly live as an instrument of the Creator’s Love, Guidance and Determination to make our existence last for ALL time.  We are so Blessed and Loved – beyond measure and understanding – if we don’t embrace this opportunity today, we will have failed. I am not ready to fail. Are you?