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September 20, 2017
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Women & Money Healing


In many ways women’s ‘sense of lack’ in modern society is not our fault. It’s a history thing.

And today, this needs to be recognised as a global collective consciousness issue, rooted in 4000 years of history of women’s oppression. No wonder women are still fighting to get ahead.

From as long ago as 2000 B.C., women played an equal role in society, often commanding their tribes and nations. Look no further than Sumerian society. However, this changed around the time of the Code of Hammurabi in 1700 BC when men started to exert their control over women through ownership and property laws and veiling.

From that period onward, women’s role in society changed drastically around the world. As if flicking a switch, Women went from being equal and independent members of society to an unequal powerless position, very much under men, This has had a devastating impact on Women’s psyche across the ages.

Even today, despite global equal rights movements, Women still carry deeply seeded beliefs at the DNA level around lack of money, lack of self-worth and being seen for who they are – as valuable individuals that are deserving of recognition on the backs of their own merit.

Time and again women come to me with similar issues and challenges. You might relate to some of the sentiments my clients have shared with me through the years.

“I feel like I am spinning my wheels and going nowhere.”

“I work really hard and still struggle to pay my bills.”

“No matter what I do, I feel like I will never get out of this rut and have peace of mind and the freedom I want.”

“I don’t believe there is enough to go around; I am not good enough.”

“I don’t have an education level to get me a decent job.”

“I feel like an impostor.”

Over the course of many sessions with my clients, I have found that women in their mid-twenties to mid 50s, who are leaders and so powerful at what they do, but they still struggle with money.

The solution to the problem is about letting go of these beliefs that don’t serve you and that hold you back from your full potential. The solution is really about giving yourself permission to embrace your Power.

To help you on your path of reclaiming your Power and bringing abundance back into your life, I have created a downloadable healing, specifically for Women, that is transmitted energetically through your Akashic Records, to remove and reprogram any outdated, limiting beliefs around money.

Specifically, this audio will clear, heal, activate, create an alignment in your DNA and clear blocks to your financial goals imprinted in your Akashic Records so that you can manifest what your heart truly desires.

Please note: everyone goes through their own individual healing experience depending on what they need. This healing requires you to have a deepening awareness of mindset, strategy and action to ensure that whatever goals you may have are actively brought into manifestation as a result of the healing.